Property Taxes

Steve is committed to working tirelessly to provide both immediate and long-term solutions to this critical problem. Throughout the district, residents have told Steve that the number one issue facing our state is property taxes. The financial burden that ever-increasing property appraisals and taxes have on all of us is devastating and cannot continue.

Steve believes that the Governor’s approach to cap increased property tax revenues is a good start to achieving immediate relief and he favors giving voters the power to “veto” skyrocketing property taxes with automatic local elections for large tax increases. Steve will always be a strong advocate for providing property tax relief to taxpayers.

Public Education

Steve served both on the Alamo Heights School Board and the Texas Association of School Boards and has years of experience on the details of public education. He has the expertise to not only fix how we finance our education system, but also bring about appropriate reform.

Steve believes we need to address the interests and development of each child to foster achievement, choices, and opportunities for our children.

Texas should avoid any “one size fits all” mentality, and while promoting high achievement and college preparedness, recognize that not all of our children go to college. We need to think outside of the box and work to develop varied and innovative offerings that will enhance the interest and personal achievement of each child.

To that end, and for the additional benefit of addressing our aging and declining workforce, we need to enhance vocational education offerings to meet the interests and needs of our students. Additionally, the businesses and industries that are coming into the state have a need for employees with skilled trades. Steve will work to build an educational system that meets the needs of both our labor market and our students’ wellbeing.

Steve is also passionate about the safety, wellness, and personal development of our children. He believes strongly that we all benefit if we know how to interact with one another, how we treat one another, how we care for one another, the importance of honesty and integrity, or, all told, good citizenship.

As part of this effort, there is the additional opportunity to identify and address potential behavioral, emotional, or other factors affecting a child for any appropriate or necessary attention.  This could include early identification of potential emotional or mental health issues, which have become of increased interest from the recent school shooting and other safety incidents. Character education was recommended and adopted as a regular part of the school curriculum K-12. It enables teachers and counselors to identify potential issues requiring further attention.


Job Creation

San Antonio has a job problem. Unlike Austin, Dallas, and Houston, San Antonio is failing to attract its fair share of high quality and major employers. Additionally, many of our small to mid-size companies are relocating to adjacent counties and other Texas cities to find a friendlier business environment. Steve will fight intrusive local ordinances, policies, and regulations that are hurting local businesses. Additionally, he will partner with our major employers and educators to ensure San Antonio has the skilled workforce needed to attract and retain top companies. In the sixth largest city in America, none of our children or grandchildren should have to leave our community in order to find a good job.


Transportation infrastructure requires attention throughout Texas and San Antonio has some of the most urgent issues. Highways 1604, 281, and I-35 need expansion to address both existing and anticipated congestion. Harry Wurzbach and our sacred national cemetery need major mobility improvements.

As vice-chair of an area transit authority, Steve promoted greater transparency by proposing legislation to give citizens the right to vote on major local transportation projects. He believes this approach will also work at the state level—so we can invest in our roads without raising taxes.


Balanced Budget & Low Taxes

The thriving Texas economy has been fueled by our low taxes and balanced budget approach to state government. Steve believes any deviation from that path could bring our economic progress to a quick halt. Having extensive experience with both public and private entities, he knows what it takes to stretch a dollar, cut out waste, and get the best return on an investment. He will ensure that state agencies justify each tax dollar they request—or defund them.



Steve cares for senior Texans and will be a champion for their interests and care. He will faithfully support programs that provide our seniors in need with extra assistance and advocate to make sure that Texas seniors are provided quality care that is both accountable and affordable. Steve is proud to have the support of Texans Caring for Seniors and the Texas Health Care Association, the foremost organization for quality skilled nursing, post-acute care, and long-term health care services.



Steve is pro-life and is endorsed by two prominent pro-life organizations. He supports our state’s efforts to protect life and supports increased funding for adoption services.



Defending the Constitution & Religious Liberty

For centuries, the citizens of our great nation have enjoyed the liberty of free speech and practiced their religious values freely. These freedoms are at risk by a liberal bloc that shows no signs of relenting. Steve is committed to protecting our religious freedom, going so far as to defend our local churches in the courtroom. As our state representative, he will continue this same commitment to protecting our rights guaranteed by the Constitution.