Securing the Border

Steve is actively working to secure our border and end the illegal immigration crisis plaguing our communities. For years, the cartels have trafficked weapons, drugs, and human beings into the state. To stop them, Steve helped pass the toughest border security plan in history, increased authority for law enforcement, heightened penalties for human smuggling, and cracked down on fentanyl dealers. He sent a clear signal to the cartels by designating them as foreign terrorist organizations and holding fentanyl dealers accountable for murder. Now, he is fighting for even greater tools law enforcement can use to deter illegal immigrants, detain criminals, and deport those entering Texas illegally.

Cutting Property Taxes

Steve is committed to both immediate and long-term solutions to address property taxes. In 2023, Steve helped pass the largest tax cut in history, placing property tax relief propositions on the ballot, which will raise homestead exemptions, increase school tax compression, cap non-homestead appraisals, and increase franchise tax exemptions. Steve will continue to seek additional property tax relief for all Texans, finding more permanent, significant solutions for Texas property owners.

Standing with Police & First Responders

Steve is committed to supporting public safety and our first responders. Steve believes we need to provide them with all the resources at our disposal to help combat crime within our neighborhoods and assure public safety. When rogue District Attorneys decided not to enforce the law, Steve stepped in, helping pass legislation to crack down on DA’s who won’t uphold the laws of Texas. Additionally, Steve supported and carried legislation to provide a pension benefit increase for surviving family members of first responders.

100% Pro-life and Pro-family

Steve believes in the sanctity of life because every life is a precious gift from God. As our State Representative, Steve increased funding and access to maternal healthcare, adding new resources for women, newborns, and families. He actively supported extending health coverage for women and newborns 12 months after pregnancy. At the same time, Steve knows there is still work to be done on behalf of Texas families, and he is looking forward to passing new pro-family legislation in the Texas House.

Education & School Safety

Steve has always been committed to education, serving on the Alamo Heights school board and the board of the Texas Association of School Boards before running for State Representative.
He has made school finance reform a major priority throughout his time in the legislature. He firmly believes our focus should be on addressing the basic allotment, teacher and staff compensation and benefits, school safety, teaching and learning environments, and accountability reforms.

As a grandfather, Steve believes protecting our children should always be a top priority. That’s why he advocates for increased school safety measures. Steve will always fight to keep our kids safe.

Defending Texas Children Against Radical Ideology

When radical groups sought to divide our children, Steve stopped them by banning Critical Race Theory in Texas schools. Now he’s going even further to protect these groups from sexualizing our children. Steve helped pass legislation to ban classroom instruction on sexual orientation, explicit reading material in school libraries, gender mutilation surgery on minors, and drag performances in front of children. Rep. Allison will always defend Texas children from harm.

Expanding Mental Health Services

Steve is committed to addressing the mental health epidemic that grew dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. He appropriated significant funding to support mental health institutions, including the San Antonio State Hospital to curb the increase in suicide, depression, and substance abuse. Through training and supplying additional resources, we will make a real difference for those suffering from mental illness.

Students especially require attention, as they are under the pressure of a nationwide substance abuse and mental health crisis. They need our unwavering support. Steve has prioritized mental health for students by increasing funding to train teachers and school counselors, investing in character education, and passing laws to get tough on bullying. He also deeply cares about the mental health of those who put their lives on the line to protect us: veterans and first responders. He authorized law enforcement agencies to host mental health wellness programs for peace officers and $20 million to invest in veteran mental health services.

Developing Infrastructure for the Future

Texas is growing rapidly and we need to invest in our infrastructure to meet the demands of our rising population. Steve has continued to advocate for and support significant investment to maintain our roadways, secure water resources, expand affordable broadband access, strengthen the electrical grid, and support state parks. He is also committed to investing in workforce development to continue our economic growth.

Steve cares deeply about our local historic, commercial, and other interests affecting our community. He carried legislation for the new convention center hotel and commercial zone and the Jones Avenue Improvement District, each of which will provide jobs, development, and revenues so important to our local economy; helped secure significant appropriations for the Alamo restoration and preservation project; carried legislation regarding security for the Alamo; carried legislation creating a much-needed new Probate Court; and legislation protecting the continuation of closely-held business entities.