Property Taxes

Steve understands the financial burden that skyrocketing property appraisals and tax increases have on our families. He favors giving voters the power to “veto” skyrocketing property taxes with automatic local elections on large tax increases. He will always be a strong advocate for providing property tax relief to taxpayers.


Public Education

Steve believes the best way to give our kids a great education is to keep our tax dollars in our local schools. But the flawed “Robin Hood” method of school finance keeps that from happening in many cases. Fortunately, Steve has the school finance experience to reform our present, broken system. He was on the board of Texas Association of School Boards and President of the Alamo Heights School Board, learning all about school finance by serving on the special committee for revenue and funding. Now he proposes reforming school finance by eliminating the “Robin Hood” program, keeping local tax dollars in our local schools, and ensuring they have the necessary resources to give our kids a high-quality education.


Job Creation

Texas businesses are ambitious and innovative enough to create plenty of jobs. But government red tape and overly-burdensome regulations are notorious for slowing down their momentum. As a long-time member of the San Antonio business community, Steve understands the challenges our local businesses face. He successfully protected small businesses from city zoning and big government regulation in the courtroom. He’ll take those skills with him to Austin, where he’ll cut red tape and eliminate stifling regulations, so our talented entrepreneurs are free to launch new businesses and create good-paying jobs in our community.


Border Security

A porous border compromises the safety of our families—that’s why Steve will always advocate for effective border security measures. He supported the recent “sanctuary cities” bill that banned Texas cities from harboring dangerous immigrants who should have been deported, and as our representative, will join conservative state lawmakers’ continuing efforts to secure our border and make our families safer.



A rapidly-growing state like Texas must keep its infrastructure up to date. The challenge is to do it without raising taxes. As Vice Chairman of an area transit authority, Steve argued against an expensive street car boondoggle that he thought threatened to end in an economic disaster. Most people agreed with him and the plan was abandoned. He also promoted greater transparency by proposing legislation to give citizens the right to vote on major local transportation projects. Steve believes this approach will also work at the state level—so we can invest in our roads without raising taxes.


Balanced Budget/Low Taxes

The thriving Texas economy has been fueled by our low taxes/balanced budget approach to state government. Steve believes any deviation from that path could bring our economic progress to a quick halt. As a successful businessman, he knows what it takes to stretch a dollar, cut out waste, and get the best return on an investment. He will ensure that state agencies justify each tax dollar they request—or defund them. Steve strongly believes Texas should prioritize only the line items we need most and return the rest to taxpayers.



From the sonogram bill to defunding Planned Parenthood, Texas has led the nation in pro-life achievements. But pushback by liberal Federal judges has slowed Texas’ efforts to reinstate a culture that respects all human life. Steve’s on our side—he’s 100% pro-life, and believes we must do everything we can to protect the lives of the unborn.


Second Amendment

With our right to gun ownership under constant attack from the left, we can trust Steve Allison to defend that right. He is a lifelong NRA member, and a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights.


Defending the Constitution & Religious Liberty

Our religious liberty and our Constitutional rights have been threatened by a liberal bloc that shows no signs of relenting. But Steve is committed to protecting our religious freedom, going so far as to defend our local churches in the courtroom. As our representative, he will continue this same commitment to protecting our rights guaranteed by the Constitution.